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"Nadine's reading is resonating deeply with me. It has confirmed what I have intuited for myself, but also is presenting me with the next step that I had not anticipated. And also the answer to a question I did not ask. Very helpful. Also comforting."
-- Lisa M. Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for the reading! It was concise, meaningful, and inspirational. I have no doubt that your message will greatly impact my path"
-- Julie B. Rochester, NY


"I found Nadine's reading to be quite a moving experience. I had always wondered what my father, (who has passed over) had to say to me about the ongoing situation in my family. During my reading my father came through and he had a few things to say that were significant to me. Nadine was open and understanding and sincere in her approach with me...she has a real ability that comes from a heartfelt place. I would recommend her to anyone willing to find out about how to deal with a situation from a spiritual perspective."
-- Anna F. Brunswick East, Australia


"I believe the reading called my awareness to exactly where I will find my solution. It truly is about being present. I am practicing as I write this - challenging but doable. Thank you."
-- Kathleen RC. Austin, TX

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