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Spotlight Psychic Medium Reading
  Answered within 24 hours (upon receipt of payment)

Have an important choice to make, a decision looming or a burning question that you could use some immediate Divine insight and guidance?  

Submit a question by email and I will reply with a 1-2 paragraph response (channeled, divinely inspired) along with a one card overview from one of the following decks: Life Purpose Oracle [Doreen Virtue], Power Thought Cards [Louise Hay], Soul Coaching Oracle Cards [Denise Linn], Vision Quest Tarot [Gayan Sylvie Winter, Jo Dose]. 

Formulating a Question for Clarity and Insights : 
  • Avoid limiting your question to being answered ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
  • Avoid starting your question with ‘When’, ‘Who’ or ‘How long’
  • Use open-ended, empowering and expansive questions that start with ‘How’, ‘What’ (Examples: How can I improve my financial situation? What do I need to know to help my friend?)
  • Be open to receiving information that challenges you
  • Sleep on it! Write down the question and put it aside for a brief time. Revisit the question to be sure this is what you want to focus on


Question/s: “What can I do to focus on my intention and get myself moving forward?” (specifically related to a move)


By being where you are now. There is something that still calls/requests your intention & attention where you are now. There is a strong message that you are not grounded, full attention in each moment of where you find yourself. There is the distraction of wanting to be somewhere else which is pulling you out of being present where you are. This energy is a blend of the following: a small (very small) element of “running away/escaping” from where you are right now, and the deep knowing you are connecting to in regards to the move. That knowing is authentic and can be trusted/believed. But this small blip (of running away) in what is a strong focus on your intent (and energetically & Divinely supported) is enough to keep you in the loop.

You need to be in meditative contemplation and awareness of observing the Self. You can do this by setting your intent to become the observer while meditating, or doing something that connects you to your physical being (walking, exercising, gardening). Ask for clarity in your situation. I sense this is surrounding the one ‘turbulent/uncomfortable’ person/situation that you ‘want to get away from’. This is about finding a way to be in peace and harmony within yourself surrounding that person/situation (regardless of whether they/it changes). This is about being fully present and in joy, where you are now, without wanting or needing to move. When you have reached that internal acceptance, serenity and neutrality – that all you desire is present in your life right now – the way forward will reveal itself effortlessly.


Single Card:

The Hermit  


Vision Quest Tarot [Gayan Sylvie Winter & Jo Dose]


Pay Attention to your Inner Life. Give your mind a break and listen to your inner Beingness. Turn all your attention to the inner world. Genuine answers to your questions arise from this inner resting place.



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Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

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