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Psychic Medium Services

    You want Answers?  Change? Dreams fulfilled?
... Let's connect to Empower, Uplift & Inspire YOU.
In-Depth Guidance Session
  Via phone, Skype or In-person
    45-minutes | $125
    1 hour | $160 


An In-Depth Guidance Session (Reading) is the opportunity to have a conversation intended to empower, uplift, and inspire you. It is also designed to provide practical advice to attract the results and the life you desire. My process is to open a connection to Divine Wisdom (Universe), Spirit Guides and Spirit Loved Ones, with the purpose to gain access to the guidance and answers. While I will do most of the talking, your participation and openness is vital. This is, after all, all about you.


The information can flow in some of the following ways:

  • Taking your specific questions/requests and moving to what is behind it all or what is asking to be recognized/spoken/seen (Example: Looking for new love/relationship but still not fully healed from the previous relationship.)
  • Metaphors and vistas that directly translate into how they apply to the query; connecting you more deeply to the energy and emotions of the query
  • Sensing the energy of outside influences that may be contributing/affecting your situation
  • Connecting with the essence of the client at a different age (Example: Lily at 22) to highlight where beliefs (issues) may have first been established
  • Past Life influence (and ways to heal and release that energy to clear the path in this life)
  • Healing energy (noticing where energy may be stagnant or blocked in the body)
  • Messages from Spirit Loved Ones
  • Oracle Cards (when inspired by Spirit)

Suggestions for a successful reading:

  • Be Open: be willing to hear options
  • Set Intentions: Be clear about what you really want from your session (but stay open)
  • Focus: Have 1-3 specific areas, subjects, topics or questions
  • Center Yourself: Remove distractions; give yourself 5-mins prior to the start of the session to focus and reconnect to your intentions
  • Be Honest: tell me if what you’re hearing does or doesn’t make sense (and I will do the same)


Email to schedule a time.

Please Note: A Psychic Medium session is drawn from the energy that is available NOW and also from the expansiveness of the ‘Unknown’. It is designed to provide you with guidance, not rules or a check list set in stone. It is always MY intent to provide the highest and best for YOU; to uplift and empower YOU through healing, knowledge, and practical applications.

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Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

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