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Blind-Spot Illumination
  90-minutes | $195

You’ve been doing the work, transforming your life, but here it is again – that same obstacle or lesson that continues to appear like clockwork every time you move further along the spiral of your journey. You thought you were done, and have no idea where to start on it this time.

I call this the ‘Blind-Spot’ moment

You’ve explored all the possible causes, subconscious influences, even isolated what feels like the deeper truth beneath the issue, and yet there is obviously still something going on that you’re unable to see or shift.

Often we recognize the obstacle as an incident, a belief, a wound from our past that we know only too well, and have determined that we no longer dwell on it. This is what I know from my own experience:

We may no longer dwell on the past, but it may still dwell in us.

Beyond our own intuition and Natural Wisdom, there is Divine Wisdom - knowledge that surrounds us in our aura and in the Etheric energy of the Universe. As a Psychic Medium, I access Divine Wisdom to extract specific knowledge when working with you to reveal what is in the Blind-Spot.

Connecting deeply, I will name and speak to what is present. I will hold your focus on the newly revealed information in the Blind-Spot and together we will discover the course of action to finally have you transform the obstacle/lesson.

This is a no-nonsense, firm-but-caring guided session that will challenge you to go deeper and find the resolution that has been eluding you.The Blind-Spot Illumination session is ideal for returning clients or for someone who is ready to move onto the next stage of their journey, appreciative of the obstacle/lesson, but no longer bound by it.



At the end of the session's allotted time, there will be an opportunity for a conversation to further explore any lingering questions you may have, obtain deeper interpretation of symbols, metaphors etc. or request insights/observations from Nadine’s perspective as a Psychic Medium.

Call 1-800-520-0996 or email  to schedule a time.

*A recording of all sessions will be provided within 24 hours

Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

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