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Guided Visualization

Becoming the Divine Self
  75-minutes | $135
    (Note: experiencing the ‘Soul’s Home’ guided visualization is a prerequisite to experiencing this one)


Understanding and recognizing the essence, energy and qualities of your Divine self will allow you to integrate your authentic self, your highest expression of all you are meant to be (and already are) into your life now.

This affects you on a vibrational and cellular level. This in turn alters how you feel, the frequency of your intentions, and how they radiate out into the Universe. This is directly connected to ‘The Law of Attraction’ and has an immediate impact.


In this visualization, you will return to your ‘Soul’s Home’ with the specific intention of focusing deeply, and connecting with your Divine self.

Entering as the Observer self, you will be gently guided through a mix of standard and intuitive questions to observe, appreciate and express how you see the Divine self. The purpose is for you to know and understand who you already are as this pure, unaffected, wholly expressed Being.

You will then be gently guided to transition from the Observer self and experience being the Divine self. To embody, feel, and see from the perspective of the Divine self and know what it is to experience being WHOLE. YOU. DIVINE.

Becoming and experiencing the Divine self within the visualization will allow you to be familiar and in alignment with the energy, presence and reality of who you already are, and bring that pure essence into all aspects of your ‘real’ life.

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Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

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