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Guided Visualization

Soul's Home

  75-minutes | $135


The ‘Body as Temple’ has been a long held teaching in a number of religious traditions. Through my own journey, I observed that within this body temple we house three unique identities: ME, MYSELF & I.

I see them as our own ‘Triune’ the Observer self, the Ego self and the Divine self.

What if separate to your body, you could enter a place, simultaneously inside and outside of the body, revealed to you by this Triune? A place you could enter as the Observer self and engage with your Divine self, or your Ego self --Your Soul’s Home.

What would you notice? What would you ask?

In this guided visualization, you will take a journey that returns you to the World of Light, where all is formed from the Light and your unique Soul’s Home is revealed.

Here you will be guided to know the difference between when you are experiencing the Soul’s Home as the Divine self, the Ego self or the Observer self. You will also have the ability to return to this place at any time.

Once you have experienced this returning home, you will be able to use this visualization to become more deeply aligned with your Divine self, separate from the stories of the Ego self, and obtain wisdom that can be used in your day to day life. Initially as the Observer self and then, ultimately, as the Divine self.

It is in the Soul’s Home where you will get to see the full magnitude of the life you came here to live, and how you can start attracting it to you and living it now.

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Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

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