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For a Soul Inspired Life™

Blind-Spot Illumination is an intense, laser focused individual Coaching/Psychic Medium session. It is designed to illuminate and eliminate old limiting beliefs, habits or patterns that stop you from moving foward on your Soul Inspired Path.

This technique was developed by Nadine in direct response to dealing with her own recurring issues. In working with others, she recognized in her clients the same frustration and dilemma, and their desire to honor and move past these obstacles. For more information...


For Psychic Medium Guidance:

Spotlight Psychic Medium Reading is placing the focus on one question that needs an immediate answer. It could be surrounding a new situation or person, or something that has been lingering for a while. Your question is submitted via email and answered within 24 hours.   For more information...



In Support of a Soul Inspired Life™:

Guided Visualizations can offer and support you on creating a deeper connection to your intuition and inner world on your journey. For more information....
Inspired Writing

* Coming soon.....

Over the years I have developed various exercises and Words-of-Wisdom in response to clients, colleagues and friends queries of “How did you…?”,“What advice/guidance would you give to…?” and “What do you think about…?” These have provided me with an opportunity to reflect on what I had done, believed or even openly received as Divine Wisdom (Channeled) answers as I either spoke or wrote a response.

I will be sharing them here.

I suggest that in all things, you listen to your own Natural Wisdom, your truth, and take what resonates and leave the rest. Often something that we disagree with allows us to know more deeply what is true for ourselves, and a deeper knowing and truth is found. I ask that you be open to receiving that gift. This is all about knowing yourself better, intimately and trusting.

You will be welcome to share all, or parts of my writing, and use the exercises in your own practice with the goodwill understanding that I will be acknowledged as the source/author.

An Open Letter is my personal message to you. It comes from the experiences from my journey of self-awareness, and the conscious choice of creating a new, true Soul Inspired Life™ from a place of intimacy and sacredness. You can read it here...

Visual Inspirations:

Inspirations/Surrender.JPG Inspirations/SoulEssenceSparkles.jpg Inspirations/HoldingTheLight.JPG Inspirations/Compassion.jpg

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