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An Open Letter


To the Seekers & Inspired Ones ~

There is intimacy and sacredness that comes with the conscious choice of discovering your Authentic Self. The peeling back of emotional layers, the releasing of stories that have provided identity and shelter, the courage to stand raw, naked and vulnerable in the Unknown, waiting and inviting your Authentic Self to return and be revealed, recognized, remembered.

It is a true rebirthing of yourself – as you were always meant to be; as you were already conceived to Be in the eyes of the Divine. For me, it is about creating a new life – your true, Divine Self, and I would invite you to keep the following in mind.

The journey you are on involves nurturing the seed within, being deliberate and mindful of how you think, move, and express yourself in the world. It’s also pivotal to know who you can share this journey with, and those who are best not told.

Like the first trimester of a pregnancy, hold the precious spark of your new life within you in private counsel. To share your process too soon, before you are certain of the strength of this new life, can bring unwanted attention and pangs of doubt and confusion upon you. Be discerning with whom you invite to support you on this journey. Initially, choose only those who will offer you kindness, support and love - the tender listeners, the nurturers, your true Soul Tribe members. This is not the time to have family/friend naysayers, analysts, or ‘stay-the-same’ fear around.

This is about your precious new life and providing an environment that will allow the Voice within to become louder, stronger and fully present for the rest of your life. There will be time enough to explain all of this to others, when you have come to understand it for yourself, by living it and knowing it on a deep, cellular, and Soul level.

There may still be those who will not understand your transformation, but it will not hold sway, as you will have become the living expression of your authentic self, your Divine Self.

Know also, that while your journey is uniquely your own, you do not travel alone.


Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

 2013 © NadineElsasser