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Schedule a Consultation & Exploration Session

~ There is NO FEE for this session ~

Before starting with a new client, it’s important to me that we establish a rapport, an understanding and resonance with each other. I want to be sure that I am the right guide for you at the right time, and that you are equally committed to your journey, as I will be to you.

This is why I request you schedule a Consultation & Exploration Session.

As a Soul Midwife, I view the Soul Inspired Life™ program as a conscious choice to rebirth yourself. For me, this is an intimate and sacred process that requires trust and vulnerability. It is always an honor for me to hold sacred space with you, as you make this reconnection to what is calling and waiting for you to birth.

For it is creating a new life – the life of your true, Divine Self.

Here is what I ask from you:

  • Be willing to set aside 90-minutes of your time, with no distractions
  • Complete the following two questions and include them in your email when requesting the appointment. (There are no 'correct' answers, simply honest ones. They need only be brief – one paragraph each)             

Question One: What is it about this time in your life that calls you to transform?

Question Two: What was it about the Soul Inspired Life™ that resonated with you? 


At this time, Nadine is unable to accommodate new Soul Inspired Life™clients, but is accepting applications on her waitlist. If you are still interested in connecting with Nadine and scheduling a Consultation and Exploration Session when appointments become available, please send an email to: with your Name, the best way to Contact you (phone or email), and Answers to the above questions.

*All emails are responded to within 36-hours

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