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Individual Sessions & Guided Visualizations

Blind-Spot Illumination
  90-minutes | $195

You’ve been doing the work, transforming your life, but here it is again – that same obstacle or lesson that continues to appear like clockwork every time you move further along the spiral of your journey. You thought you were done, and have no idea where to start on it this time.

I call this the ‘Blind-Spot’ moment

You’ve explored all the possible causes, subconscious influences, even isolated what feels like the deeper truth beneath the issue, and yet there is obviously still something going on that you’re unable to see or shift.

Often we recognize the obstacle as an incident, a belief, a wound from our past that we know only too well, and have determined that we no longer dwell on it. This is what I know from my own experience:

We may no longer dwell on the past, but it may still dwell in us.

Beyond our own intuition and Natural Wisdom, there is Divine Wisdom - knowledge that surrounds us in our aura and in the Etheric energy of the Universe. As a Psychic Medium, I access Divine Wisdom to extract specific knowledge when working with you to reveal what is in the Blind-Spot.

Connecting deeply, I will name and speak to what is present. I will hold your focus on the newly revealed information in the Blind-Spot and together we will discover the course of action to finally have you transform the obstacle/lesson.

This is a no-nonsense, firm-but-caring guided session that will challenge you to go deeper and find the resolution that has been eluding you.The Blind-Spot Illumination session is ideal for returning clients or for someone who is ready to move onto the next stage of their journey, appreciative of the obstacle/lesson, but no longer bound by it.


Sacred Space

  60-minutes | $95

In this beautiful visualization, you will be guided along a path of your own imagination and design to discover your deeply personal, and unique Sacred Space. This is a place that holds serenity, security and wholeness, and a place where you are loved. As you journey and explore your surroundings, you will be invited to describe what you are seeing, feeling and sensing, so that it can become alive within you. To transform your experience from seemingly ‘imagined’ to feeling like a place remembered.

A place to rest and recharge. A place to connect and hear. A place to breathe and know.

Your Sacred Space is a place where you will be able to hear your intuition clearly, access your Natural Wisdom and find your own truth. It is in this space that you will feel and know a truth from an untruth. You can ask questions - and have them answered – or hand over any problems to either your Divine self, The Universe, Source or the God of your understanding.

Throughout the visualization you will be gently guided to connect deeply with your Sacred Space and to your intuition.

At the end of this beautiful journey, you will have the techniques to return here at any time. Either quickly in order to obtain an immediate result (an answer, reduce anxiety, feel safe) or through your own meditation to take the time to connect more deeply.

For some this Sacred Space will remain the same for years, and for others it changes as it reflects the unfolding transformations on their journey, but its essence is eternal. 

[’Sacred Space’ has been adapted and inspired from an original guided visualization by Shiranda Zee]

Soul's Home

  75-minutes | $135

The ‘Body as Temple’ has been a long held teaching in a number of religious traditions. Through my own journey, I observed that within this body temple we house three unique identities: ME, MYSELF & I.

I see them as our own ‘Triune’ the Observer self, the Ego self and the Divine self.

What if separate to your body, you could enter a place, simultaneously inside and outside of the body, revealed to you by this Triune? A place you could enter as the Observer self and engage with your Divine self, or your Ego self --Your Soul’s Home.

What would you notice? What would you ask?

In this guided visualization, you will take a journey that returns you to the World of Light, where all is formed from the Light and your unique Soul’s Home is revealed.

Here you will be guided to know the difference between when you are experiencing the Soul’s Home as the Divine self, the Ego self or the Observer self. You will also have the ability to return to this place at any time.

Once you have experienced this returning home, you will be able to use this visualization to become more deeply aligned with your Divine self, separate from the stories of the Ego self, and obtain wisdom that can be used in your day to day life. Initially as the Observer self and then, ultimately, as the Divine self.

It is in the Soul’s Home where you will get to see the full magnitude of the life you came here to live, and how you can start attracting it to you and living it now.

Becoming the Divine Self
  75-minutes | $135
    (Note: experiencing the ‘Soul’s Home’ guided visualization is a prerequisite to experiencing this one)

Understanding and recognizing the essence, energy and qualities of your Divine self will allow you to integrate your authentic self, your highest expression of all you are meant to be (and already are) into your life now.

This affects you on a vibrational and cellular level. This in turn alters how you feel, the frequency of your intentions, and how they radiate out into the Universe. This is directly connected to ‘The Law of Attraction’ and has an immediate impact.


In this visualization, you will return to your ‘Soul’s Home’ with the specific intention of focusing deeply, and connecting with your Divine self.

Entering as the Observer self, you will be gently guided through a mix of standard and intuitive questions to observe, appreciate and express how you see the Divine self. The purpose is for you to know and understand who you already are as this pure, unaffected, wholly expressed Being.

You will then be gently guided to transition from the Observer self and experience being the Divine self. To embody, feel, and see from the perspective of the Divine self and know what it is to experience being WHOLE. YOU. DIVINE.

Becoming and experiencing the Divine self within the visualization will allow you to be familiar and in alignment with the energy, presence and reality of who you already are, and bring that pure essence into all aspects of your ‘real’ life.

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Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

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