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Your Soul is Calling

…and it has direct access to the blueprint of your life.

I believe the Voice of the Soul speaks directly to us through the Natural Wisdom of our intuition. When you can clearly hear your intuition and connect to your own Soul’s Voice, you obtain the knowledge that can create the life you were Called here to live.

Here is something else I believe, and know, because I experience it daily. The Voice of your Soul has access to the Blueprint of your life – Full, Unlimited Access. Listening, acknowledging, and acting on your Natural Wisdom will connect and completely align you with your Soul, your Calling and a life lived on purpose.

The Soul Inspired Life™ you can feel deep within you.  

Perhaps you’ve caught glimpses of it when daydreaming, or connected to it when meditating; you’ve heard the Voice of your Soul. Sometimes as an already fully formed thought whispering or a feeling strongly pulling at you, or at times a choice made spontaneously because you “just knew”.

Yes, that was your intuition and when you’ve listened to that Natural Wisdom, more than you’ve probably acknowledged to yourself, you have experienced moments of magic and inspired synchronicity.

Maybe these moments of inspired synchronicity have been completely random. For some, you have experienced them many times, and for others, perhaps only a few. What I know is that when you can hear the Voice of your Soul, trust it and act on that Natural Wisdom, these moments are effortless with simple, natural flow. Like the stars were aligned!

What you know, upon experiencing these moments of inspired synchronicity, is that you want to live this way all the time. I’m here to say that not only is that possible, it’s your birthright. This is part of the natural flow of the Universe manifested in measurable, living action.

This is the way it was intended for us to live:
Inspired, On Purpose, Satisfied, Deeply connected, and Joy-filled. 


And if you’re reading this now, it’s because you were drawn here by the Voice of your Soul, and it is waiting to guide you even further on your journey.

Surrender to the Unknown...
...Find Yourself

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Nadine Elsasser - Soul Midwife, Medium, Coaching for a Soul Inspired Life

Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

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