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Coaching Services

Soul Inspired Life™ Coaching Program (monthly commitment)

It starts with your desire to have a more joy-filled, enriched, satisfying and whole life. And it happens through trust, courage, commitment and a willingness to do your part. 

Together we identify what you are yearning for, and what is the life you are being called to live?

From a place of expansiveness, truth and wisdom, we begin to identify where you are not in true alignment with your Soul. We deeply explore many contributing aspects – beliefs, energy resonance, emotions, thoughts and physical indications. This requires your honesty, and a willingness to acknowledge what you are sensing, hearing, and feeling from a place of trust, non-judgment and unconditional love: anxious, excited, hesitation, unworthiness, passionate etc.

On a deep, intuitive level, you know yourself better than anyone else. I know that about you, even if you doubt that about yourself. You are completely resourceful, wise and capable of hearing exactly what you need and how to create that in your life.

As a Soul Midwife, I know this about you. I also know that to have someone holding you in a space of connection, deeply listening, and championing you to go further into the Unknown and find yourself, makes the journey easier - possible. My role is to guide you back to that connection.

My technique is a natural blend of traditional coaching, psychic mediumship, empathic listening, and speaking directly to what is going on.

You will be challenged, but also inspired. You will be invited to breathe deeply, allowing yourself to sink into your body, and ground your attention away from thought, distractions and analytics, until you can feel exactly what is right, for right now.

As a Coach, I know my clients are whole and fully resourceful. That you are capable of finding your own answers and solutions when asked the right questions. I am able to hold all that you have dreamed and imagined for yourself, and see more that is possible for you, as you create your new life.

As a Psychic Medium, deeply connected to my own Natural Wisdom, I gently ‘give voice' to your Soul’s whispers, until such time you become more familiar, and trusting, in hearing and expressing it yourself.

Together we explore your life as a whole, and all the parts that make up the whole, to allow your Soul Inspired Life™ to unfold. Together we set the pace and timeframe, and you set the goals.

You will know that you are supported as you step into creating your new life. The life, that is in true alignment with the desires and wisdom of your all-knowing Soul.


#1      Two 1-hr sessions per month            $250
           Book 3 months & pay in full             $675  ($75 discount)
#2     Three 45-min sessions per month      $315
          Book 3 months & pay in full              $850  ($95 discount)

*There is intimacy and sacredness that comes with the conscious choice of creating your true, Soul Inspired Life™. Your commitment, our resonance and compatibility, are essential to your successful journey. Your needs and the best package for you are discussed as part of the FREE Consultation & Exploration Session.

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Soul Inspired Life™ Individual Sessions

Single Session

  1 hour | $145 

In addition to the Soul Inspired Life™ Program, single sessions are offered for returning clients. The session is to structured for the client to feel grounded and connected to their intuition and Inspired Life. The session can be used to provide insight, clarity, and practical goals around a either a new situation, or one previously addressed.

Email to schedule a time.

Nadine ElsasserSoul Midwife/Psychic Medium 

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