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Lessons from my Soul Inspired Life™


So often on the path of our personal awakening and evolution, we find that we are tasked with learning and growing through hard, difficult – often painful – lessons. We handle them with courage, frustration, grace, defiance, resistance and occasionally equanimity, and in time we eventually come to understand the gift of the lesson.

Standing at the cusp of another ‘difficult’ life circumstance/lesson, it occurred to me, “What if not all learning needs to be experienced as difficult.” And I don’t just mean simply a change in perspective. What if we could ‘see’ what purpose a situation, a set of circumstances is designed to teach us and, by our very awareness, change not only the nature of the experience but also how it unfolds.

Could we, in declaring our willingness to accept and do our part in taking on the lesson, also renegotiate the conditions and circumstances? I believe we can.

"The question is not what you look at, but what you see."
~ Henry David Thoreau

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There is an interesting point during transitions when the old way of Being is present but no longer feels appropriate, and the new way of Being is not entirely visible or known. Limbo –awareness that this is where you are right now and for a moment (or two) you know it could go either way.

Be strong. Stay the course. Exercise your will power. All of these directives of how to move through major life change, leave me feeling uninspired and pressured; that I may not be strong enough or have the will power to succeed, or even take the ‘right’ course. The question for me became “How do you navigate limbo?”

Mindfulness. Mindfulness becomes the way to flow through limbo. Gentle, nurturing, non-judgmental observation of what is arising from one moment to the next, opening the way for conscious, supportive choices to be made.

"Mindfulness, also called wise attention, helps us see 
what we are adding to our experiences."
~ Sharon Salzberg


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