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Based in New York City, Nadine is available via phone, Skype and In-person to work with clients worldwide.

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Nadine Elsasser (Photo: Shannon Taggart)

Nadine Elsasser, CPC
Psychic Medium, Professional Coach, Spiritual Mentor

Originally from Australia, Nadine spent her early twenties pursuing a successful career in the hospitality industry before a trip to New York, in the winter of 1990, changed the direction of her life. Struck with an overwhelming sense of familiarity and being home, she intuitively knew that NYC was where she was meant to be. This compelling feeling of deep knowing, and subsequent decision to pursue that dream, became the conscious start of her Spiritual journey.

Now, 20+ years into a journey of spiritual exploration, study, writing and teaching, Nadine has created a life that is a constant expression of her trust in intuitive wisdom, understanding of The Law of Attraction, belief in a magical Universe, and a deep faith in the Divine.

Some of her formal studies and life experience include the Australian Spiritual Healers Association (ASHA), working at the Bodhitree Bookstore in Los Angeles (the largest metaphysical book store in America), certifications in Psychic Development, Message Circle Facilitator, and Therapeutic Touch from the Holistic Studies Institute (HSI) in New York, and recent graduation as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) in Transformational Coaching with Leadership That Works. 

A natural storyteller, Nadine's personal experiences, as well as being a Psychic Medium, infuse all her work with humor, compassion, magic, joy and straightforward insights.

You can contact Nadine at

Cathy Fowler (Photo: xxx)

Cathy Fowler
Personal Assistant/Social Media

Also from Australia, Cathy brings years of experience from a diverse number of industries, including the record/music industry, finance, and telecommunications to her role as Nadine’s main support. Specializing in administration, business operations and all aspects of Social Media, Cathy is busy bringing it all together behind the scenes.

She draws on a rich store of firsthand knowledge to not only manage the business but also act as a sounding board for Nadine’s new ideas. In addition, she transcribes and edits all of Nadine's written and Channeled work.

Cathy currently divides her time working for Nadine and assisting at the cutting-edge 'App' start-up company, Amplifier Corporation in Melbourne.

Embracing her own journey, Cathy is a believer in learning and discovery, and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Behavioral Studies (Psychology).

You can contact Cathy at

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