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Lessons from my Soul Inspired Life™

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Accepting Your Own Timing

For those of us who move onto the path of our Calling, later in life, it often feels like we are behind and playing catch-up. At times it is daunting to walk with those already successfully moving along their chosen path; their appearance always seeming more together – accomplished.

As I walked through the woods today I stopped to look skywards to take in the majesty of the trees; no two the same. This is an old growth forest where trees are upwards of 40+ feet. The canopy of branches at this time of year make it difficult to see  the tops of the even older, taller trees, but today I followed the trunk of a maple that rose branchless until above the surrounding trees. Around 40 feet, there in the place where it felt space, its branches that had been patiently waiting to emerge had burst forth.

It does take some of us longer to stretch, grow and find the space to be comfortable to extend the branches inherently within us. There is no right or wrong timing with growth…only now…only your own Divine Right Time.

"Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance."

~ Unknown


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Energy Levels

The past few weeks I have been feeling tired and noticing that I was sleeping more than I wanted, and felt, that I needed. I would also find myself waking up early, a feeling of being ready to do something, but ignoring that feeling and returning back to sleep; only to wake-up later and feel tired.

Perplexed by this ongoing pattern, I released my puzzle to the Divine and waited for an answer. An early morning walk led me to a quiet conversation with a tree, and the following wisdom was shared. I receive energy like an electrical substation, and it is then distributed through my creativity, writing and the work of my Calling. When I am not doing these things, I still receive energy which, in the absence of any output, becomes a power surge and initiates a shut down.

Quite simple really. Seems like it’s time for me pay attention to where I am distributing my energy and trust that I will continue to receive more from the Universal Power Station.

"Ride the energy of your own unique spirit."

~ Gabrielle Roth

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Ready !!

Often, as I move through changes and navigate transitions, I find myself feeling as though I have reached completion but somehow I am still lingering in the space between the old and new.

Talking to a friend the other day, I described it as the end of the school year, when exams are complete and there are no new lessons to learn, but you still have to turn up. You want to move on to the next adventure, which is usually summer holidays, but here you are still stuck in the place of “I’m Done”. I noticed, for me, that this place of “I’m Done” had a heaviness to it that upon deeper reflection was actually keeping me attached to the place I no longer felt I needed to be.

Sitting with this new insight, I decided to see what would feel lighter, more alive and inspiring. As I shifted my focus, I understood that I was no longer in the energy of “I’m Done” and had moved into the place of “I’m Ready”. I still feel like I am in that last seemingly pointless week of school, but now I am excited for what what’s next…

I’m Ready!

"Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success."

~ Henry Ford


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