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Lessons from my Soul Inspired Life™

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It's Not Complicated !

Watching the many species, flora and fauna, within nature move through the evolution of their natural lifecycles, I have been reminded that there is a duality present that I would be wise to apply to my life: Awe-inspiring complexity and effortless simplicity.

I have lived in that space before, this duality. I have experienced times when I was in awe of my life circumstances, and marveled at the way the Divine orchestrated so many elements to create magic and joy. In those times, I felt aligned with life in a quiet, serene and simple way. My attention fully anchored in each moment, my inner vision capable of seeing beyond the horizons of the earthbound world.

Today, as I release my need to control, plan, and strategize each step, I reconnect to my conscious partnership with the Divine. Knowing that the complexities and details are being arranged by the Infinite, I return my attention to the present, ready and willing to act as directed. Serene in knowing that my role in creating my life is simple, I recognize it’s only when I forget this partnership that it becomes complicated.

"The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity"

~ Douglas Horton



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Shifting Perspective

I have been sitting with this feeling for a few weeks now – my internal world, energy, vibration and what I know to be ‘real’ is not showing up in my outside world. This has been incredibly frustrating and confusing, because despite meditation and reflection, I have no sense of what I need to do in order to shift/change the circumstances I find reflected around me.

The Law of Attraction speaks to what we are feeling internally as being the source of how and what we attract into our lives. So understandably, I was searching internally to see where I needed to do some clearing work in order to change the signal/vibration I was transmitting to the Universe. The more I looked, the more I came to realize that from my perspective, things seemed to be in order – sure a little tweak here and there, but nothing major seemed required. It then occurred to me that I live and operate in the physical, linear world, and that it may simply be a shift in perspective I needed.

A shift from “What do I still need to change/do” to “All is done for now, my external world just needs time to catch-up”.  A shift in perspective from “It’s not enough, there must be more I can do” to “I’ve done enough – be present, have faith and believe”. So I will return to focusing on my internal vibration of what I know is real, and wait for the Universe to deliver accordingly.

"No one can deny or grant you anything. It all comes to you

by virtue of your vibration." ~ Esther Hicks

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